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How does embarkation in Southampton work?

We have been working on ways to improve your experience at the cruise terminal, and get you on board your ship quicker.
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What is my Peninsular Club membership number?

Your membership number is made up of two letters and five numbers with a letter on the end eg, DA00000A. Your membership number will be quoted at the top of any mailings that we send to you. If you are unable to locate this number please contact us on 03453576969* and we’ll be able to let you know.

How can I find out my points total and my tier?

If you would like to keep a regular check on your points and nights total then simply visit where you can obtain an update. Whilst travelling on board you can visit your Loyalty Manager.

Do my points expire?

No, there is no expiry date to your membership points.

When are points awarded?

Your points are rewarded on completion of the cruise holiday on which they were earned (except on World Cruises, where they accrue at the end of each segment) and will be credited to you account upon your return home.

Will I get points for travelling with P&O Cruises sister brands?

No. Points can only be awarded to members travelling on board a P&O Cruises ship.

I have some cruises missing from my point’s total, why are these not showing?

Some cruises may not have been awarded points because of terms and conditions in place at the time the cruise was booked. If you would like to raise a query regarding your cruise summary please contact us on 03453576969.*

How can I find out if I am a Baltic or Ligurian member?

Do you have 2501 points or over? If so, then you’re partly qualified. To qualify for the Baltic Tier, you’ll also need to have spent at least 80-200 nights on board in the 3 years preceding your next cruise. To enter the Ligurian Tier, you will have to have spent at least 201 nights on board in the 3 years preceding your next cruise. The 3 year period is taken from the embarkation date of your next cruise.

I am currently a Baltic/Ligurian member; will I still be a member on my next cruise?

To continue to enjoy Baltic or Ligurian privileges, in the 3 years prior to the departure date of your next cruise, you must have spent at least 80 nights on board for Baltic, and at least 201 for Ligurian.

Are all Peninsular Club benefits relevant at all times?

Benefits described as being from our homeport of Southampton can only be offered on sailings from Southampton and therefore do not apply to our fly-cruises or any sailings from ports other than Southampton. On cruises of 7 nights duration or less, we regret that there is insufficient time to include the cocktail party and a hosted dining event.

Does Peninsular Club membership apply to children?

Yes. 16-18 year olds are entitled to the same benefits as adults, with the exception of alcohol being substituted by a non-alcoholic alternative. Children aged 15 and under will receive a gift designed specifically for their age group. They will also receive the on-board discount appropriate to their tier level. Your child’s on-board discount is not transferable to your account.

If I purchase my shore excursions pre-cruise, will my on-board spend discount still be applied?

Yes. Purchase shore excursions prior to the start of your cruise, and the applicable on-board spend discount will reflect the tier that you are predicted to be in on the date of embarkation, not on the date of purchase. The discount on shore excursions that are paid for pre-cruise is not dependent on your spending of allocated non-refundable on-board credit. For a Round World Cruise, purchase shore excursions prior to the start of your cruise, and the applicable on-board spend discount will reflect the tier that you are predicted to be in at the start of the segment in which the activity is taken, and not the date of embarkation.

On-board spend discount

The P&O Cruises Peninsular Club on-board spend discount is applicable to the following purchases:
• Shore excursions
• Drinks from the ship's bars & restaurants
• Spa and salon services, as well as beauty products
• Celebration packages and canapés ordered on board
• Internet packages
• Florist
• Shops
• Laundry service
• Book purchases
• The ship's photographers
• Ship to shore telephone calls
• Cover charges in select dining venues

On-board spend discounts do not apply to Future Cruise Deposits, medical services and products, visa arrangements, gratuities, casino (including bingo), art sales, flight seat bookings, pre-paid items, any purchases during inaugural events, or when a P&O Cruises ship is chartered, except as decided by P&O Cruises from time to time. Discounts do not apply to the following Little Luxuries products: Weddings at Sea, Renewal of Vows, Welcome on board and Bon Voyage packages, gift credits, internet packages and any pre-paid items. Your on-board spend discount will be applied to Purchases after any allocated non-refundable on-board credit has been spent.

Round World Cruise information

The Peninsular Club works on a simple ‘one cruise = one tier’ policy. However we recognise that a World Cruise is over several months, so we do things a little differently. You embark your cruise on your current tier and, during each segment of your World Cruise, if you collect the appropriate amount of points/nights to take you to the next tier, this will happen at the beginning of that next segment, and your additional benefits will be applied from that point.

If you are on board and have any questions about this, please talk to your Loyalty and Future Cruise Sales Manager. If you are at home, please contact our Loyalty team at

Please note that, due to the number of eligible guests, it is unfortunately not possible to offer embarkation and disembarkation benefits at Southampton.

*Local call charges apply.

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