Essential cookies used by P&O Cruises website


Some cookies are essential for the operation of our website.  These cookies enable services you have specifically asked for.


Name Description
Required for logging into Community section of site


Required to enable link back to region viewed (given ports may be linked to from multiple regions)
prizeDraw Records if visitor has already entered prize draw.
ASP.NET_SessionId Required for maintaining information between pages.
userCountry Required for GeoIP Content switching otherwise site will show UK content to AU users.
ASPXROLES Required for logging into Community
metafaqCookieAccept Boolean cookie, determines whether or not the contact info box is shown. Once set this remains set until the end of the current user session (browser close). This stores no user information.
metafaqcontact A secondary boolean cookie for the showing of the contact information box, If the above is set to true this is then written and set to true so that it can show on specified pages. Again this stores no user information and expires at the end of the current user session (browser close)