Arcadia’s Western Circumnavigation 2020

Arcadia’s Western Circumnavigation 2020

03 Jan - 12 Apr 2020 | 99 NIGHTS | 27 PORTS | Arcadia (J001)


Arcadia’s Western Circumnavigation 2020, 03 Jan - 12 Apr 2020, 99 NIGHTS, 27 PORTS

Sail around our wonderful world in 99 nights

This is the journey you’ve always dreamed of. The journey of a lifetime, certain to ink indelible memories into your mind. With Arcadia spoiling you all the way, this is your time to taste captivating cultures and sample exotic experiences. It’s time to behold the world wonders you’ve always longed to.


This is more than a holiday. This is a life-changing adventure. It’s an adventure that takes you to 26 destinations, sailing over 32,900 nautical miles. This three-month-long epic adventure will take you to some of the world’s most iconic cities, to some of the most awe-inspiring sights on the planet, across every time zone there is, and to pretty much every continent on earth. As you sail west, you’ll come across ancient temples, pristine islands, and many majestic monuments to gods and great occasions. You’ll also be able to soak up breathtaking natural beauty and jaw-dropping world wonders. From a heart-stirring transit through the mighty Panama Canal, to the never-ending buzz of San Francisco and lilting welcome of Hawaii, to the dynamic charge of Hong Kong and the sultry charms of Singapore, each call will open your eyes to the world as you’ve never seen it before. This truly is the greatest earth on show. And it’s all yours for the taking.

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