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The decor and quality of the food was excellent. The excursions were excellent. Provision for the children at the Reef was excellent.

Mr Bradley | 18 Jan 2020

I would have given the cruise 1 star due to failure of the propulsion system but the way P & O handled it was superb. The Captain was excellent as were the entertainment crew. We were kept informed about the state of repairs and P & O were quick to offer compensation. That having been said if it had gone on much longer we would have missed a vey I’m Important meeting on the 19 December 2019. Even then thr 4 day. delay compressed our available preparation time for Xmas, I can’t believe that a single point of failure (pipe failure) led to the control panel shorting out and resulted in total loss of propulsion. If this had happened in the Bay of Biscay with a storm forecast the consequences could have been horrendous. Ironically we hadn’t been on a P& O cruise for 4 years due to a disappointing last cruise with P &O. We were so impressed with this cruise that we tried to cancel a 34 day back to back South American cruise with Azamara to switch to P&O.

Mr Noad | 18 Jan 2020

Great cruise.

Mrs Jenkins | 18 Jan 2020

The food and service on the Azura and the on shore excursions were very good but the superior deluxe cabin was tired looking and we had issues with the cleanliness of the bed linen on arrival and cleaning in general. The on board entertainment was also poor and the movies particularly on the sea screen were not shown later in the evening but at times when we would be having or getting ready for dinner.

18 Jan 2020

Attention to detail and very friendly staff on land and ship.

17 Jan 2020

More working class less middle England
Cabin man good Waiters good Menu good Prices on drinks increased by to much. Not enough bar staff on Prices on trips to much No British sail away with flags ,rule Britannia and God save the queen. No black tie on new years eve. P&O have lowered their standards

Mr Johnson | 17 Jan 2020

We found the majority of staff unhelpful and not as cheerful as we have previously experienced.. Insufficient number of chairs/sunbeds on sea days with no quiet areas inside or out which left us just our balcony.. We booked this holiday for Turks & Caicos, but this was cancelled? This was the only island we have not previously been to. We found the music was too loud at every venue with some fellow passengers drunk. We have been on many cruises with P&O and other cruise lines and was disappointed with the standards on this particular cruise.

17 Jan 2020

Very satisfactory holiday.
The cruise to the Canaries, Madeira and Lisbon in December was very enjoyable made special by the cheerfulness of the staff and the quality and choice of the food. Special mention and thanks to our cabin cleaner, Fredy he was efficient and thorough and as with all the staff worked tremendously hard. The waiters at our evening meal made us relaxed and we never had to wait for a course. Thanks must also go to the catering staff - how they produce so much quality food daily is a wonder! The entertainment was first class and the Headliners could have come straight from West End Shows. May I suggest that on sea days it would be an advantage to have interesting speakers and even a short language class of basic Spanish and Portuguese. More varied subjects for speakers would be welcome. Very efficient embarking and disembarking.

Mr Braid | 17 Jan 2020

The attention and manner of the staff was excellent especially those who cleaned our cabin (Nixon) and our waiters in the dining room ( Roland and Mandy plus one other). The food was of the highest quaility. We were also impressed by the organisation of embarking and disembarking.

Mr Taylor | 17 Jan 2020

Excellant Cruise in every respect.
Second Christmas Cruise enjoyed the entire cruise/ship/destinations. Excellant staff Cabin Steward first class. Freedom Dining continues to deliver excellant and speedy service.

Mr Murphy | 17 Jan 2020
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