About Tobago

Tobago is one of the real Robinson Crusoe islands. There is not much of it - just 26 miles by nine - but around every corner, and it seems like at every turn, you find your jaw dropping open at the sheer beauty of another scene.

Sometimes it is a waterfall falling from a volcanic hill, and then it will be a long, white, sandy beach with the translucent waters reflecting a coral reef below. Even the names are evocative - Pigeon Point (acknowledged as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean), Man OWar Bay and Bloody Bay. The capital and cruise port Scarborough is laid-back even by Caribbean standards and a great place for a quiet drink and to watch the world stroll by.

And, although there is plenty to see inland - from rainforests to bird sanctuaries - most visitors just put on their swim-gear and head for the beach.  And who can blame them?


Shore excursions in Tobago