About Parintins

At the centre of millions of miles of rain forest, halfway between Santarém and Manaus, on the right bank of the Amazon River, is the small town of Parintins. Although there are no roads to Parintins (you either have to sail or fly there) it has become the unlikely centre of the second largest festival in Brazil - the Boi Bumba.  These fabulous celebrations are held every year at the end of June.

When it is not festival season Parintins is a quiet place where you can learn about the life of the indigenous people of Brazil. The locals say the key to the success of their city is the hospitality they offer and their simplistic way of life. Their lifestyle is fascinating and their incredible handicrafts make for truly unique souvenirs. The Cathedral of Ours Lady of the Carmo and the Village Amazônia are worth a look.

Close-by, and surrounded by luxurious dense vegetation rich in fauna and flora, you will find the 152-metre-high Parintins Mountain Ridge, the beautiful Valéria Lake and the Taracuera and Varre Wind beaches.


Shore excursions in Parintins