About Monemvasia, Greece

Approach Monemvasia from the sea and you will be entranced by its unique beauty. Approach by land, however, and you wouldn't know the town was there. Perched on an island off the Peloponnese, Monemvasia shelters behind an enormous rock and is invisible from the mainland.


So, how to spend your time in a hidden town? Well, you could lose yourself in admiration of the Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman architecture at every turn. You could stroll around the castle and be blown away by the sea views.  Fancy a dip? Seek out a secret spot called the Portello - tiny harbour - where you can swim or snorkel in crystal clear waters and admire the incredible view up to the citadel. Or, a few minutes' walk will take you to Kourkoula, a natural rock pool where you can pleasurably while away the hours.


After which, take time to linger over a delicious meal, combining all that's best from the area; the excellent olive oil, wonderful wines, fresh herbs, and seafood from the Myrtoan Sea, the name for the sea lapping these shores.


Shore excursions in Monemvasia