Trinidad and Tobago Cruises

Experience one of the Caribbean’s most compelling, spirited and alluring destinations with a cruise to Trinidad and Tobago.

Once a prime destination for business travellers, it’s now becoming a serious holiday getaway and for good reason. From traditional tourist attractions such as the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Magnificent Seven, to the more specialist experiences like the Asa Wright Nature Centre, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and endless opportunities to experience a taste of the island’s unique heritage.  

Tobago is 250 square miles of natural beauty – from volcanoes to bird sanctuaries to beaches and rainforests. You’ll find it hard to leave!

Top 5 interesting facts

  • The hottest pepper in the world, the ‘Scorpion’, is found here. 
  • Trinidad is home to the largest carnival in the Caribbean.
  • Tobago got its name because it resembles a tobacco pipe used by locals.
  • Christopher Columbus named Trinidad on his third voyage to the New World in 1498.
  • The oldest rainforest reserve in the Western Hemisphere is located in Tobago.


The Port of Spain

Your cruise will dock in the capital, Port of Spain, a hub for Trinidad's booming economy and your gateway into the lush, tropical landscape and rich cultural life of the island. You can also explore art galleries and theatres, as well as endless clubs and bars here. 

The Queen's Park Savannah is Port of Spain's largest open recreational space. A former sugar estate covering over half a square mile, it is now host to many of the country’s events including Carnival, as well as many international and cultural concerts. The Savannah is surrounded by many fascinating attractions, from the Botanic Gardens to the National Museum, The Grand Stand and the National Academy for Performing Arts. There really is something to suit any person and any interest.

Sun and sand

If you’re looking for sun and sand, look no further than Maracas Bay, about a 40-minute drive from Port of Spain, and Trinidad’s most popular beach. Take a stroll across the white sand next to the rolling waves of the Caribbean, and make sure to sample the famous local delicacy, ‘bake and shark’. 

 The hiking in the Maracas Valley is stunning. It’s home to a cascade of mini-waterfalls as well as Maracas Waterfall, standing nearly 300 feet tall and situated in the beautiful, cooling surroundings of the valley. 


Musical History


Trinidad and Tobago cruises open your senses to a whole world of experiences, one of the greatest being the art of music.

This is largely celebrated through the number of concerts, clubs and the annual Carnival – the most significant event on the islands' cultural and tourism calendar and known as an explosion of music, colour and creativity. The festival is such a key part of the locals’ calendar that it’s said if they’re not celebrating it here, then they’re preparing for it. 

Best known for its calypso and soca music and invention of the steel pan drum, the sound of Trinidad and Tobago is built on two solid ideas – cultural diversity and the fundamental belief that nothing should get in the way of a party.

The eclectic music scene here – which also brings in influences from India and Africa with its Chutney and Rapso styles – is at the heart of the Trinidadian national spirit and culture. You can hear music wherever you go on the island and you’ll usually see someone dancing to the beats too.


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